Nandos – Mall of Qatar

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Dukhan Hwy, Qatar

The Nando’s cockerel landed on the sunny shores of Qatar in 2001, with the first restaurant located on Salwa Road followed by the flagship store which opened in City Centre Mall in 2002. It didn’t take long for the word to get around or for the people of Qatar to get addicted to spicing things up with a fix of flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. Thanks to their passion for PERi-PERi, Nando’s now has 9 restaurants in Qatar. ** This Nando’s restaurant is located on the ground floor in the Mall of Qatar.


  • All corridors are wide enough to enable wheelchair users and people using mobility equipment to manoeuvre easily. Circulation routes are generally good.
  • The majority of corridors are free from obstructions which would hamper a wheelchair user’s ability to manoeuvre. This would also assist people using mobility equipment.
  • Floor surfaces are slip resistant and suitable for wheelchair users or people using mobility equipment.
  • The restaurant/café has level access or well designed ramped access suitable for wheelchair users or for people using mobility equipment.
  • Sufficient space is available alongside standard seating suitable for wheelchair users in the restaurant/café

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