Yasmine Palace

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Al Asmakh St, Doha, Qatar

Yasmine Palace occupies the finest spot in The Pearl. In this fantasy and grandest space in town, the past merges with the present and the epitome of authentic Arab architecture is found. Through classy imagination and ancient history, the beauty of Yasmine Palace, the only restaurants complex in Doha, lies in its ingenuity. Its whispering walls relate the story of our mighty historic figures brought together by the love of jasmine in the Palace. With its warm and pleasant ambiance, find the joy in every corner. Its magical beauty is engraved on the surface of the walls. Yasmine Palace is inspired by different Arab cultures and civilizations. It serves Andalusian-inspired dishes which revolve around a passion for jasmine. Its cooking philosophy – its ingredients, taste and presentation – only add to a refined exquisite experience in the Palace. Join us in an interesting tasteful journey. For as long as you love Jasmine, there is nothing you cannot find. Your love for Jasmine is sending you a call. Do not leave it unanswered!!


  • All corridors are wide enough to enable wheelchair users and people using mobility equipment to manoeuvre easily. Circulation routes are generally good.
  • The majority of corridors are free from obstructions which would hamper a wheelchair user’s ability to manoeuvre. This would also assist people using mobility equipment.
  • Floor surfaces are slip resistant and suitable for wheelchair users or people using mobility equipment.
  • Seating does not provide space for wheelchair users to sit with their family/friends
  • Display stand etc are reachable from a wheelchair or by people using mobility equipment
  • Tables and chairs are moveable so can accommodate different user requirements.
  • The majority of the seating within the restaurant/café is accessible for people using wheelchairs /mobility equipment.
  • There is limited space suitable for wheelchair users to sit alongside their friends/companions in the restaurant/cafe

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Al Asmakh St, Doha, Qatar
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