Social Development operates “Muzn” hall to serve people with autism and disabilities

Social Development operates “Muzn” hall to serve people with autism and disabilities

The Ministry of Social Development and Family and the Shafallah Center for People with Disabilities, in cooperation with Qatar Airways, announced the start-up of the “Muzn Lounge” at Hamad International Airport, which is designated for people with autism and disabilities, aiming to provide them with sensory integration while they are at the airport with their families.

The Ministry stated that the new lounge is equipped with the latest assistive technology and educational equipment aimed at providing the best travel experience for people with autism and disabilities, including travelers and transients, under the supervision of a specialized team around the clock.

The Ministry pointed out that the “Muzn” lounge, named after the rainy cloud or Muzn in Arabic, will help provide an atmosphere of calmness and relaxation, to promote, integrate and empower people with disabilities and provide them with technological tools and assistive solutions that shall offer them an easy and hassle-free travel experience through Hamad International Airport.

The Ministry has also noted that the Sensory Stimuli Room will enhance sensory skills by integrating audio-visual effects such as sound, image and touch, in addition to color, smell and light, to help people with disabilities, autism and communication disorders meet their desires and needs for communication, self-discipline, attention, and thus reach the desired sensory integration.

The Ministry pointed out that the new “Muzn” lounge is running on many features and advantages, among which, a room designed specifically for treatment of children with limited communication skills, in addition to electronic mats that provide children with many games and activities to help them use their energy positively.

The Ministry also indicated that pre-booking for the sensory stimuli room at Hamad International Airport will be made available electronically, for visitors who are parents of people with autism spectrum disorder or associated disabilities, in order to enable people with autism spectrum disorder, and train them to listen to the sounds of planes, and to sit on the plane.