Al Hazm mall

Alhazm, translates into “the higher grounds”, is a unique commercial development in Qatar. Our shopping avenue is destined to cater to the region’s enlightened and affluent while combining art, culture and luxury. This hand crafted architectural marvel, that pays tribute to Italy’s timeless classism and Arabia’s finest hospitality, will be home to the world’s finest restaurants, trendiest cafes and select fashion labels. For the purposes of this visit the comments relate to the common areas of the mall and not individual stores.

مواقف السيارات

المداخل وأماكن الاستقبال

التنقل الخارجي

الحركة العمودية (داخل المباني/ الأماكن)




الحركة الأفقية

اعط قيمة واكتب رأيك

تقييم المدقق: 11/15

تصنيف المستخدم:
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