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Accessible Qatar Champions Accessibility Inclusion and Belonging Inclusive at Tasmeem Doha 2024.

Sasol Qatar’s ‘Accessible Qatar’ initiative joined forces with Tasmeem Doha’s international biennial art and design conference on the topic of disability with a two-day workshop titled “Taking Down Barriers: The Art of Transforming Public Spaces into Playgrounds for All”. Developed by Sasol Qatar in 2016, “Accessible Qatar” the platform was the first of its kind […]

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A Gesture of Unity from Accessible Qatar and Step by Step Center

In the spirit of Ramadan, Accessible Qatar, a Sasol initiative dedicated to enhancing accessibility for the disabled community, has taken a meaningful step to embody its commitment to inclusivity. Through a collaborative effort with the Step by Step Centre for Special Needs, Accessible Qatar has distributed unique date boxes, a gesture that not only celebrates […]

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Sasol Qatar's initiative ‘Accessible Qatar’ leads round-table in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Sasol Qatar partnered with Qatar’s Ministry of Social Development and Family and the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) to bring together various stakeholders in a summit organised as a round-table focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Accessibility and Inclusion. The summit’s round-table, including representation from Public Affairs Manager Leyla Mroueh, was held at the […]

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Inclusivity at WBB: Breaking Barriers, Embracing All

West Bay Beach (WBB) Becomes the First Beach in Doha to Implement an Accessibility Ramp for People with Mobility Challenges West Bay Beach (WBB), a leading beach destination in Doha, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking PR campaign, “Inclusivity at WBB: Breaking Barriers, Embracing All.” As part of this initiative, WBB has […]

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All Kinds of Minds

Raising awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace. Article by: Sebastian de Groot van Embden I am dyslexic, and as someone who struggles with reading and writing, I am probably one of the most unlikely candidates to write an article. However, here I am, putting myself out there and sharing a bit about my experience and […]

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Maryam Al-Sulaiti – Accessible Qatar Ambassador and Disability Advocate

We are thrilled to welcome our Maryam Al-Sulaiti as one of our newly appointed Accessible Qatar Ambassadors. Building on her lived experience and work as a disability advocate, Maryam will be sharing her strategic advice and insights, and helping us to identify opportunities for growth and innovation as we strive to contribute to making Qatar […]

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